• How to reset Google account on Infinix Hot 6 X608.

    How to reset Google account on Infinix Hot 6 X608.

    Do you have Infinix Android phone x608 pro that is showing:-

    .. this device is reset, enter the google account used to sync this...

    Follow these steps to reset Google account on Infinix Hot 6

    1. Charge the phone to about 80%.

    2. Power off the phone if is on.

    3. Insert SIM card with at least on contact .

    4. Power on the phone and connect it to WiFi or hotspot.

    5. Return to Home screen and tap emergency calls.

    6. Tap emergency option up screen.

    7. Choose any contact and add another one.

    Watch this video.

    Note. In FRP zamdtek page if you don't know the particular version of your phone. Then download QuickShotMaker and tap settings. Scroll down to about to know the Android version of the phone for FRP bypass.

    If is 8.1 then download and install 8.1 Google account manager followed by FRP bypass apk. In case FRP login doesn't work use the one named Nokia Android FRP bypass, it works for all Android versions.

    If you ran into problems use our comments section.

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