• How to flash MTK android phone with tools

    You can use many tool to flash mtk like SP Tool, Tecno upgrade, Infinix Flasher, Volcano box, Miracle box, nck dongle, Android Writer etc.

    How to flash MTK android phone with tools

    Any tool you use the process is almost the same, download stock rom or firmware, extract the rom.

    Locate and load the scatter file. In mtk android you can use flashing box like Miracle and Volcano box and save the file inform of .bin file. 

    During backup of mtk rom is either firmware is saved in bin file format or scatter file . There are only few flashing box that can flash bin file but most of tools can flash scatter file. this is what makes mtk easier to flash than SPD or samsung is scatter file.

    1. Power the phone to fastboot mode.

    2. Look up to get the details about the phone.

    3. Use the details and search google for the rom.

    4. You can download the rom anywhere but ensure the the specific.

    5. Download latest MTK USB driver from here.

    6. Download SP Tool or Miracle Box crack from here.

    7. Install MTK driver and Open sp tool or Miracle crack.

    8. Open the Tecno ROM you downloaded earlier and extract.

    9. Open SP Tool and select your scatter file.

    10. Connect your phone to computer and write the program.

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