• How to configure Soho, Emperrio blogspot theme for best practice.

    Google blogspot has come to stay, the easiest but controlled by hosting your own website as a blogger with domain.

    When blog was developed and displayed the theme design which suppose to help blogs compete in the search engines, you remember blogger was not design by Google rather was acquired by Google.

    Many pro bloggers have complained of blog headings the H(s)‎ normal configuration that can be best practice for CEO.

    If you are still using the old bloggers theme and want it to be search engine friendly, then you have to change the H1-H3 H3-H1 and etc.

    Untill end of 2017 when 4 new themes are introduced to bloggers theme.

    Design which we believe will take care of the H(s) and other CEO‎ part which other (old) theme look.

    As a blogger Learn How to Rank in Google Snippet Box

    It is so surprise that the new themes was built without the mobile view configuration. In the digital world today, the number of mobile phones in-use are far greater than the number of human on earth. So what is the programmer of these new themes had in mind, when he completed the program without mobile configuration. It seems that he want you not only to be a blogger but also a programmer.

    Google has given you free theme, it is left for you to design it the way you want or like

    I like the themes look, and I know you like it too.

    If so let's work around on how we can compromise these themes.

    =coding5 =setup1 =configure2 =Html4 =size3

    1. How to upgrade to tablet 1 theme SOHO.

    2. Setup these new themes

    3.  How to add header

    4.  How to add pages

    5. How to add cross -column 1&2

    6. How to add/remove feature post

    7. How to increase number of post that will appear in home page.

    8. How to add gadgets by the slide bar

    9. How to add footer / credit

    How to add a gadget on soho theme header

    How to add a gadget on the soho theme ‎cross column

    How to add a gadget on the soho than feature post.

    How to add a gadget on soho then button page above or below post

    How to add a gadget on the soho theme.

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