• publisher A value for publisher field is required

    publisher A value for  publisher field is required

    How to remove publisher A value for  publisher field is required during structured data blog post testing. When you're writing to compete for google first page, always bear in mind of post errors. This blog post errors (blog posting) can only be detected through structured data test.

    The best way is to test your URL is by using Google Structure Data Tool. If your bog pass this test tool without errors like mine, then your post is rich to google snippet, first page, good for crawling

    How to fix publisher A value for  publisher field is required.

    1. Login to blogger.
    2. Go to blog Theme.
    3. BackUp or download your blog Theme.
    4. Click or select Edit HTML.
    5. Press on your PC Crtl + F
    6. Paste the following code in the search box that will appear and hit enter to find it.                                                    <data:post.body/> 

    Just below the code found in the above step paste following code:

    <div itemprop='publisher' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='https://schema.org/Organization'>

    <div itemprop='logo' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='https://schema.org/ImageObject'>
    <img style='display:none;' src='https://www.url.com'/>
    <meta itemprop='url' content='https://www.url.com'/>
    <meta itemprop='width' content='600'/>
    <meta itemprop='height' content='60'/>
    <meta itemprop='name' expr:content='data:blog.title'/>

    Note: <data:post.body/>  may appear twice make sure the paste the above code in both of them. 
    Save and go to Google Structure Data Tool test and see that  publisher A value for  publisher field is required is gone.

    Change www.url.com to your domain or blogspot name.

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