• How to install Android Studio software and make it work

    How to install Android Studio software and make it work

    How to install android studios in the application in see in Androids in been written by a program called android studio. If you own the game hub or website and you want a clean android apk app which you can monitize on your own if you decide then android studio is the best software to design the android app apk.

    There are other websites like appygyser‎ and uncountless which can convert and produce your Android app apk for free

    Did I say free=free here means more than a price. For instance appy‎gyser has a way of cheering a website/blog owners. They promised you to upload and publish your blog for free. They will not tell you that once he download exceeds 100 installation they will start placement of annoying ads that can't be remembered. In your dashboard of appygyser you are allowed to configure and edit any thing but can't edit their monitorization this don't stop there because even if you delete your account and app from their sever, your app will keep on running for those that have installed it with annoying and cover screen popup ads.

    The most ugly experience of apps geyser ads is that is going to affect your Google ad sense earnings drastically.

    You know that Google ad sense hate competitive ads. Personally I dislike pup up ads.

    Back to business of the day do you have a little experience of coding or java if not you can head for YouTube and learn.

    How to install android studio in any operating system boot (x86) and (x64) that works.

    Research all the Internet looking for a way to install android studio in my computer. It took me about 2days because of wrong info I got online.

    Requirements for installation of Android studio

    1 download android studio version 2.1.13 recoomended

    Your pc must be at least 4GB RAM 250GB HD, 2.8GHz processor

    2 download java (jre) and install

    3 download java (jdk) and install

    Configure the environment path with JDK home JAVA HOME.

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